How to Choose Your Floral Bouquet

As a bride you want your wedding bouquet to be the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the entire wedding.
How do you go about choosing what you want in your bouquet?

Here at A Happily Ever After Floral we have been discussing how to go about choosing your floral bouquet. Here are some top questions we came up with that you should ask yourself and the first ones are about your wedding gown.

Your wedding gown plays a key role  in deciding what type of floral bouquet you walk down the aisle with. Here are some key questions you should ask yourself before choosing your bridal bouquet.

Q. What type of wedding dress am I wearing? Is it a large poofy dress? Does it have many layers to it?
A. If so then you can get away with a regular size or upgrade to a larger size bouquet. But don’t go too big, we still want to see you walking down the aisle behind your flowers.

Q. Is your dress a more slim fitting dress? Or are you a petite girl?
A. If so choosing a medium to standard size floral bouquet might be best for you.

Q. Does your dress have an extensive amount of bead work or bling on it? Or does it have more classic lines and is a simpler wedding gown?
A. If  your gown has a lot going on the top of the bodice, we don’t want to cover it up with a really busy bouquet. Choose maybe only a few types of flowers to have in your bouquet so it will not be competing for your attention with your dress. If your dress is a simpler dress with not a lot of bling or ruffles, then you can go a little more flamboyant with your flowers if you want. You can add several types of flowers or some rhinestones to your bouquet.

Q. What color is your dress? Is it white, cream or have a hint of color it in?
A. Knowing the dress color can impact the ribbon choices for your wedding flowers and go on to determine the linens at your reception and color of the groom’s and groomsmen’s shirts. You don’t want these little attention to details to be overlooked.

Those are the top questions you should ask about your wedding gown.

What are your wedding colors?

Knowing what the colors of your wedding are crucial in deciding what flowers you use. Unfortunately, we do not have fresh flowers in every color out there. If you have colors that flowers do not naturally come in , then consider having that color as a ribbon choice or bridesmaid dress color.

Now on to the type of bouquet you want to hold.


Do you want a cascading or handheld bouquet?

You ask, what is a cascading bouquet? I am not talking about a presentation bouquet you carry on your arm or the old school cascading bouquets. I am talking about trendy floral bouquets with either a hint of the flowers flowing from your bouquet or something more substantial coming out of your bouquet. The flowers in a cascading bouquet are draped down the front of your dress. It can either be just a few flowers or greenery or it can be more of a statement piece with several flowers coming down from your bouquet. The most common flowers to cascade are orchids, amaranthus, mini calla lilies and ivy to name a few.


Do you want a handheld bouquet?

That means all of your flowers are held together by ribbon and you can choose to show some stems of your flowers or have the stems completely covered by ribbon. The handheld bouquet is your most common type of bouquet you see. Handheld bouquets are great for outdoor weddings, your shabby/chic, garden style, wildflower looks and classic style floral bouquets.

Okay so just a few more questions to consider for your wedding flowers.

  • Do you want a very tight and rounded bouquet or do you want something more airy?
  • Do you have a favorite flower or a flower with special meaning you want in your bouquet?
  • Do you have a theme that you want your flowers to be a part of?
  • Are you having a traditional/classic style wedding?
  • An outdoor wedding either at the beach or in a garden, or a shabby/chic style theme?

Letting your florist know all of the above answers will help her suggest the perfect wedding day flowers for you.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you with your decision making, help cut down on the time you spend and help keep you on track in your wedding planning process.