Spring Wedding Shows

        Wedding Show Tips for Brides

Floral Bouquets


This year we started out with two wedding shows and plan on being a vendor at a few more later this year. The first wedding show was at the Sawgrass Marriott in January. We met several great vendors and booked many brides. The second wedding show, we were vendors at the UNF wedding show in February. Again, we saw many vendors we work with and got to know many more brides. I love being a part of these shows, because future brides have a chance to meet you and they are able to see some of your work. As  a vendor I have a few tips for future brides that are attending wedding shows for your convenience. Coming to theses shows can be very overwhelming at times, but I have a few solutions to make it more convenient for your next wedding show.

The first tip I recommend is to make labels with your information on them before you attend your next show.  You need to include the basics like: your name, your fiance’s name, wedding date, phone number, email, and your address. You will be asked to fill out a lot of  forms from different vendors so this tip will help you a bunch.

Second thing is to clean out your purse or carry a smaller one that day. The last thing you need is a heavy purse to carry along with all of the information you will be receiving from vendors like business cards and brochures.



Third thing is if you have a child, find a babysitter that day. The aisles will get crowded at times and it will be difficult to push a stroller along or try to keep up with a child. Let them stay home and play and you will be able to get much more accomplished.

Fourth tip is to bring along a small notepad or notebook to help you keep track of the people you talked to that you like and ideas that you see and might want to incorporate into your wedding. The last thing you want to do is at the end of the day have a bag full of business cards and brochures and have to throw half of them away. Instead, take only the brochures and business cards from business’ and people that you connect with and are easy to talk to. I have talked to many brides and they say that using this tip has helped them to stay organized.



The last tip I have is bring a camera along. You never know if you might see the bridal bouquet that you love and absolutley must have or you see a great idea to use for your reception. Having a camera there you can take pictures and remember what it looked like days later, rather having to guess.


So be prepared to have a great time. Bring your mom or best friend along. Also, it is a nice thought to include your future mother-in-law. While there, she might see a dinner rehersal venue she would like to use florist or even caterer. This way you can make her feel special and included in the wedding planning process. So get ready to have some fun, enjoy all of the food you will taste from the caterers, take some notes and pictures and take your time.