Elyse and Steven’s Wedding

Elyse and Steven’s Wedding at Club Continental

A Happily Ever After Floral had another fabulous wedding. Elyse and Steven were married at the beautiful Club Continental on Friday, April 13, 2012 in Orange Park, Florida. Their colors were red, white and black. The girls carried blown open white roses which popped against their red dresses.

The guys were all playing it cool and hanging out while they waited for the ceremony to start. Steven wore a red rose boutonniere to match Elyse and the groomsmen all wore a white rose boutonniere to match the bridesmaid bouquets.

As the girls started walking down the aisle, the wind was starting to pick up and it became quite breezy. But not to worry, everyone was prepared and it just added to the moment.

The moment Elyse started walking down the aisle you could tell she was so happy that the day had finally arrived. Steven and Elyse had been planning their wedding for quite a long time and the day had finally arrived!

After all was said and done, the wedding proceeded smoothly despite the windy weather. The couple had a few minutes to themselves  for some photos and to enjoy the moment.

I love this photo of Elyse in front of the fountain with her red rose bouquet sitting on her lap.

Now for the reception….For the wedding cake, we added a thick layer of blown open red roses that cascaded down the front of the cake. We added red rose petals to the top to complete this dramatic look.

For the centerpieces, we used a submersible light in the bottom of the bowl, surrounded it with black stones and had blown open red roses on top. They sat on top of a round mirror. The mirror was just right to let the light in the bowl reflect some light.

I enjoyed getting to know Elyse, working with her and designing her wedding flowers. I wish Elyse and Steven a happily ever after…