How to Choose Your Wedding Florist

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Florist in Jacksonville, FL

There are many things to do while you are planning your wedding in JacksonvilleFL , St. Augustine, FL or in the surrounding area. Here at A Happily Ever After Floral, several of my brides have confided in me that they get a bit overwhelmed in the beginning stages of planning. Some of the first things you need to do before you pick your florist is to have a wedding date picked out, a venue secured, colors chosen and a budget. Decide on the theme for your wedding once you have your wedding date and venue secured. Does it match your venue and the colors you have chosen?

How much time do you have to look around before you start making decisions? Well, most wedding professionals start booking their services a year in advance. It really depends on where you are having your wedding. In the South, the spring and the fall are the quickest months to book up.  Set up an appointment where either your fiance, mother or close friend (whose opinion you value) can attend with you to meet the florist. Before meeting with a florist, look to see if they have any reviews on their website from other brides. Do they have a portfolio on their website and do you like what they have done? Are they available on your wedding date? Are they a wedding only florist? A wedding only florist means that their main focus is on you the bride and your wedding. It means they do not get tied up in the day to day birthdays, anniversaries, get wells and funeral flowers, which gives them much less time to focus on your wedding. You want to go with a florist that will make you and your wedding a priority. Here at A Happily Ever After Floral we are a wedding only florist.

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When you meet with a florist, you want to feel comfortable with them. You want to know that they understand exactly what your vision for your wedding flowers are and knows how to bring that vision to life. Discuss with them all of the flowers that you are interested in and be open to suggestions they may pair with the flowers or colors you have mentioned. See if they have a portfolio they can show you of work that they have personally done.  From there, you can gather more ideas of how to tie in your colors, flower choices and your theme together. Once they give you a price and it is within your budget and you feel comfortable with them, go ahead and put your deposit down to secure your wedding date. Don’t wait too long to decide on who you want to use, because there are only 52 weeks in a year and they might book your date while you are still deciding or wanting to wait until your wedding date is closer.

Finally, feel free to contact your wedding florist with any questions you may have. Keep in contact with them and let them know if you have any additional items you may need. Rest in the knowledge that you love your ideas and on your wedding day you will love seeing your vision come to life.